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I am Jacob Peterson

I don't believe in mediocre photography. I believe that images should be bold and captivating, to draw you in with dramatic colors and contrasts and hit you with intriguing detail.

I don't believe that "the best camera is the one you have with you." I believe in my equipment and I go through rigorous preparation and sacrifice to get the images I want, without compromise. 

I started photography by shooting model radio control car races indoors. These fast paced, low-light environments are still the most challenging scenarios that I photograph, and that has helped grow my skills extremely quickly. There is no room for missed focus, no room for poor framing, no control over the subject, and very little time to capture the moment before it passes.
I began shooting promo images for Paranoia Haunted House a few short years later, and my practice and love for horror photos led into more popular beauty and portrait photography. 

This is an art that drives me to succeed and grow every day of my life, and I hope you'll join me on this journey as we create powerful images together.

Pricing Guide




100 Guests or Fewer

Includes 8 hours of coverage

Full digital image collection

The perfect day's worth of coverage for couples who want to capture every moment. Covers all travel expenses anywhere in the contiguous US.

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100 Guests or Fewer

Includes 8 hours of coverage

Full digital image collection

Excellent, full day of coverage for weddings in the Atlanta, GA area.


$500 and up

Starts with 2 hours of coverage

Everything from local band shows to action sport events to family reunions. This is a broad category, so be sure to send me a message with details and the date of your event.


$150 and up

1 hour session

Senior portraits, family portraits, christmas cards, anniversary shots and engagement sessions in the Atlanta, GA area.